Who Is Christian Siriano Married To? Let’s Spill the Tea!

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Christian Siriano, the American fashion designer, is a well-known name in the industry. He rose to fame after winning season four of Project Runway and became known for his innovative designs featuring sharp silhouettes and glamorous details.

But who is Christian Siriano married to?

The answer is Brad Walsh.

In July 2016, Christian tied the knot with musician and artist Brad Walsh. The couple got engaged in July 2013 after being together for nearly five years. Their wedding ceremony took place at their country home in Connecticut, which was officiated by singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright.

If you want to know more about how they met and some interesting facts about their relationship, keep reading!

His Lucky Husband

Christian Siriano, the American fashion designer and Project Runway winner is married to a lucky man named Brad Walsh.

“I’m very proud of my husband and I knew he was going to do something amazing”

Born on July 18, 1985, in Annapolis Maryland Christian Siriano is known for his unique style aesthetic which has propelled him towards creating office-to-evening wear designs. The talented designer’s work gained huge success after he won the fourth season of Famous TV Show “Project Runway”.

The couple met over social media where they exchanged messages before finally arranging their first date at Barneys New York. They were together for years before getting engaged during a romantic London vacation. Soon enough, they tied knots on July 9th, 2016.

“We are just enjoying each other now”

Siriano identified himself as gay from an early age but revealed how hard it was for him when people raised questions about who might be behind his initial successes in the industry. He says that being gay added pressure – not only because he wanted to make sure that people wouldn’t think less of him if “he screwed up, ” but also because he felt like both LGBT individuals and women deserved more representation whether or not it came in creative pursuits such as design. Brad Walsh while talking about his better half expressed admiration by saying:

“In love with this guy & beyond proud of everything making fashion history!”
Married since almost five years now; the duo seems to have stood strong despite all accusations thrown their way simply interms of Siriano using discriminatory language against fellow designers who couldn’t match up whereas others believed these two accomplished personalities simply seek attention through publicity stunts.

However, in the end; it’s only natural for people who have different approaches to aesthetics and designing. What matters though is always the kind of love and bond that sustains Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh as they continue making a mark together both individually & As One!

Their Meet Cute Story

Christian Siriano is married to Brad Walsh. The two met in 2007 at a party in New York City, and it was far from love at first sight.

“We hated each other when we first met, “ said Christian in an interview with E! News.

Despite their rocky start, the pair kept running into each other around town. One fateful night, they ended up going out dancing together with mutual friends.

“Something just clicked for both of us that night, “ revealed Brad in the same interview.

The couple started dating shortly after their dancefloor connection and eventually moved in together. They got engaged in July 2013 during a vacation on Isla Grande in Colombia.

In November of the following year, they tied the knot during a romantic ceremony on a private terrace overlooking Manhattan’s skyline. The wedding featured over 100 guests dressed exclusively by Christian himself as part of his role as style director for Kleinfeld Bridal Salon.

The couple also took charge of designing all aspects of their special day from swapping traditional floral arrangements for vintage books stacked throughout the aisle and tablescape to serving s’mores rather than cake for dessert.

“Our wedding is about our life instead of being overly trendy or fashionable, ” says Christian.“It has really personal elements that are meaningful to us.”

This unique take on celebrating love only reaffirms how perfect these two individuals are meant for one another!

How He Proposed?

When it comes to Christian Siriano’s proposal story, the fashion designer did not disappoint. He went all out in his plans to propose to his longtime boyfriend Kyle Smith.

The couple had just finished a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant in London when they decided to take a walk around the city. That’s when Siriano made his move and got down on one knee.

“I was totally surprised, “ said Smith in an interview with People magazine.“He pulled me aside at this little park near our house and proposed with this gorgeous ring.”

Siriano seemed equally thrilled about the engagement, taking to Instagram shortly after with various photos of him and his now fiancé captioned “We’re engaged!”

Siriano is known for many things including being the youngest winner ever of Project Runway but he has always kept quiet about his personal life until meeting Smith who works as a director of sales for luxury brands.

“Kyle gives me stability, says Siriano in another interview, I’ve never been happier than I am right now”.

The two have been together since 2014 after mutual friends introduced them but only recently announced their engagement which left fans waiting impatiently for more details about their big day.

We can’t wait to see what kind of wedding gown Siriano will design for himself!

Wedding Extravaganza

The world-renowned fashion designer, Christian Siriano, tied the knot with his longtime partner, Brad Walsh on July 9th, 2016. The magnificent wedding ceremony took place at their Danbury home in Connecticut.

“It’s great being able to call him my husband, ” Siriano gushed about Walsh after the special day. The Nuptials:

The event featured glamorous elements where guests were seated among crystal chandeliers and floral arrangements that adorned tables set under a white tent.

Siriano designed an exquisite ensemble for himself along with custom-made suits and dresses for his bridesmaids and groomsmen. His outfit was ivory-colored which included subtle puffs of tulle artfully fashioned into a tuxedo jacket while he wore embellished silver loafers as footwear.

“I never thought I would want something like this until we met over ten years ago, “ said Siriano referring to how meeting Walsh changed both their lives. Celebrity Guests:

A-list celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne showed up donning a lavender dress by David Tutera. Actress Juliette Lewis exuded beauty in her pretty pink frock whereas actress Samantha Mathis wowed everyone present wearing a multi-colored gown by Milly.

The ceremony concluded with fireworks lighting up the sky above and lasted well past midnight when friends danced away beneath whimsical lanterns strung throughout trees around the house. The reception continued indoors where several extravagant cakes ranging from vanilla raspberry cake covered in crumb icing topped off each table setting followed by rounds of champagne getting popped open left right and centre!

The Guest List

Christian Siriano is a fashion designer who has made waves in the industry, dressing celebrities on the red carpet and creating unique looks for his runway shows. He has been hugely successful since winning Project Runway in 2008, but many people are curious about his personal life.

In particular, fans want to know: who is Christian Siriano married to? The answer is Brad Walsh. Siriano and Walsh tied the knot in July 2016 after being engaged for two years. Their wedding was an extravagant event with over 120 guests including several A-list celebrities from both Hollywood and the fashion world.

“We wanted our friends to feel like it was this gothic fairytale, ” said Siriano of their wedding theme, which included black feathers, antique candelabras, and wrought iron accents.

Siriano’s husband Brad Walsh may not be as well-known as he is, but he also works in the creative industries as a musician, artist and producer. The couple often shares pictures together on social media and even collaborations creatively from time to time.

Celebrities such as Danielle Brooks, Juliette Lewis brought glamour at their nuptial while other patrons were decked up gorgeous attire ranging from traditional ball gowns to casual streetwear put forth by modern influencer class that values gaining cultural influence through style choices rather than just spending cash alone. This demonstrates that despite coming from different backgrounds they all shared one thing- admiration towards lovebirds Christians’ coalition bond amongst themselves!

“I am grateful I found my soul mate – we have so much fun together!” -Gushed Christian on Twitter during Valentine’s day

We can only hope that their cute aura keeps spreading around inspiring others new couples aspiring get-ups full of creativity, diversity and love.

The Designer’s Outfit

Christian Siriano is one of the most popular American fashion designers, known for his exquisite creations. The Project Runway winner has made a name for himself in both women’s and men’s wear.

But, when it comes to Christian Siriano outfit as a designer, he usually opts for a chic yet comfortable look that can keep him going throughout the day. He often wears monochromatic outfits with pops of color or texture while keeping things simple and elegant.

“Fashion should be something that makes you feel excited every time you open your closet, ” said Christian Siriano.

As expected from someone so prominent in the world of design, he knows exactly how to dress himself perfectly according to occasion – whether it be attending an awards show or just running everyday errands like grocery shopping or visiting hardware stores.

In interviews, Christian Siriano admitted that his style revolves around being comfy and easygoing at work but refined on special occasions – which clearly shows through his apparel choices!

“I love clothes- obsessed really” said Christian Siriano during an interview with Glamour Magazine.”

Apart from showcasing incredible fashion sense wherever he goes publically; A curious question always arises about who this talented designer is married to? Well, everyone interested will know that he got engaged to Brad Walsh back in July 2016 after dating each other since 2007 However they split up after two years later confirmed by NYPost article. But no news came afterward if there was any reunion between them again until now!

Marital Bliss

Christian Siriano is married to Brad Walsh, an American singer who gained fame for his electropop music. The couple tied the knot in July 2016 after a long-term relationship.

“I never really saw myself as someone who would have a big wedding or even get married, but when I met my husband, everything changed and it made sense, ” Christian told Brides Magazine shortly after their nuptials.

The high-profile pair first crossed paths through social media back in 2007 when Christian was just starting out on “Project Runway.” They exchanged messages over MySpace and eventually connected through AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). As they grew closer online, they agreed to meet up at one of Brad’s gigs in New York City. From there, romance blossomed between them.

In recent interviews with various magazines and news outlets, both Christian and Brad often describe each other as loving partners that complement one another well.

Bard once said:“One thing about our partnership that works so well: we are complete opposites of each other.”

Likewise, Christian has nothing but sweet words for his spouse:

Cristian Said :I love him because he’s always pushing me to try something new creatively.’

The couple spends most of their time living together in Connecticut with their two beloved dogs Ladyslipper and Bear. When apart due to work engagements across different locations like Paris or Milan Fashion Week Showcases via Instagram sharing glimpses into how much Love can truly blossom between any pairing given the right spark!

Their Favorite Vacation Spot

Christian Siriano, the famous fashion designer and his husband, Brad Walsh have been known to love traveling. Their favorite vacation spot is none other than Hawaii.

“We spend a lot of time in Maui – it’s our absolute happy place.”– Christian Siriano

Hawaii has always been a popular destination for couples looking for an escape from their busy lives. Known for its stunning beaches, clear waters, hiking trails and culture, Hawaii is definitely one of those places that can give anyone peace of mind.

Siriano’s designs are known to be inspired by travel and different cultures around the world, so it comes as no surprise that he would choose such a beautiful location as his favorite vacation spot. With breathtaking sunsets and endless outdoor activities available in Hawaii, there’s never really any down-time during this couple’s trips here.

Even though they both work long hours throughout most of the year with Brad being a music producer and film composer while Christian runs his own company; holidays like these are what keep them motivated through tough times at work. As per Brad,

“Escape when you need to! Celebrate your successes together!”– Brad Walsh

This power couple knows how important it is not just focus on their careers but also make sure they take breaks every now then to enjoy life’s blessings —like being able to see new exotic locales!

Power Couple Goals

Christian Siriano is a renowned American fashion designer known for his unique and inclusive designs. His work has earned him numerous awards and accolades in the fashion industry. However, today we are not talking about Christian’s professional achievements but rather his personal life.

The talented designer is married to an equally accomplished person, Brad Walsh. Brad is a musician, artist, and producer based in New York City. The couple met online back in 2007 via MySpace when Brad was just new to NYC from Michigan.

“He had no friends or family here; he didn’t know anyone…Brad kindly offered me some help on where I should live when I moved, ” said Siriano of that chance meeting with Walsh.

Their friendship turned into something more over time, leading them to become one of the most iconic couples not only within the LGBTQ+ community but beyond it as well. They got engaged during their European vacation in July 2013 after seven years of being together.

On their engagement anniversary last year on Instagram Siriano wrote,

“To my love @bradwalsh who took me all around Europe 8 years ago…and then proposed! WOW how lucky am I?! Can’t wait for what’s next!”

In June 2016 they tied knot at their summer house located near Danbury Connecticut Lake Terramuggus which also served as runway show venue later.“We’re very relaxed people, ” shared Christian, “So coming out here (Connecticut) reminds us why we work so hard.” No doubt this duo designed each other’s wedding attires themselves creating beautiful & complementary ensembles. Their dreamy ceremony overlooked picturesque lake surrounded by rolling hills provided perfect setting for them to exchange their vows.

Christian and Brad exemplify how true love knows no boundaries. As a success-driven power couple, they always inspire others with their creative drive, passion, and hard work ethics that are fundamental in achieving dreams or goals.

How They Support Each Other’s Careers

Christian Siriano is married to Brad Walsh, who is a musician and producer. Both the husbands are successful in their respective careers, and they have been together for more than ten years.

The couple supports each other both personally and professionally. Christian has often credited his husband for inspiring him creatively as he finds inspiration from music. In an interview with The New York Times, Christian said, “This season was inspired by my husband’s album cover: bright colors mixed with black and white.”

“What we’ll wear on tour – that conversation happens constantly, ”

-Brad Walsh-

On the other hand, Brad also takes pride in supporting his partner. He attends all of Christian’s fashion shows and events whenever possible; it even allows him to interact with people from different industries while showing support towards his partner.

Additionally, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, there was a shortage of protective equipment for frontline workers around the world being put at risk due to lack of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment). To address this concern related to public health safety explicitly experienced during pandemics. Together Mr & Mr Siriano decided not just sit back but switched part of their production capacity away clothing apparelmaking masks face shields gowns eye-wear among others — mainly supplied free-of-cost or low cost pricing criteria against bulk orders especially looking after Hospitals and charity organizations such as God’s Love We Deliver, Mount Sinai Health Systemd Just Salutes!, A Common Thread amongst many. Not only did these efforts result in acclaim nationwide recognition for them via social media interactions highlighted by humble cheer applause befitting good samaritans raising awareness whilst boosting morale too!

In conclusion, Christian Siriano’s husband Brad Walsh is a significant influence in his professional life. The supportive relationship between these two creative and talented individuals has been an inspiration for many people.

Their Joint Philanthropic Initiatives

Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh are not only partners in life but also in their passion for philanthropy. The couple has teamed up on multiple occasions to lend their support to various causes that both believe in.

“It’s important for us to use our platform and resources to give back, “ said Christian Siriano.

The couple is particularly passionate about supporting the LGBTQ community, which is a cause close to their hearts. In 2017, they partnered with Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to raise money for HRC Foundation’s Youth Ambassador Program through an auction of several items from Siriano’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection during New York Fashion Week.

“We’re committed to making sure everyone can be as bold and daring as they wish, whether it’s through fashion or having access to equal rights.”

In addition, the duo has raised funds for other notable organizations such as Planned Parenthood and Voices For Children Foundation whose mission is “to ensure that every abused, abandoned and neglected child in South Florida has a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem.”

The power couple understands how blessed they have been and so strive hard towards giving back whenever possible. They even made headlines when they pledged $20k each for any immigrant creative director selected at this year’s NYFW willing to create political statements with clothing aimed at representing solidarity against President Trump’s immigration policies.

“Now more than ever we need chance takers who aren’t afraid of making loudstatements”, remarked Brad Walsh regarding the pledge.

Siriano added: “I think it would be amazing if we could find an immigrant designer who really wants collaborate because I just want them to know they are welcome and they can do something that’s really noteworthy beside people who’ve been here their whole life.”

This power couple is more than just a stylish pair; together, they’re also making the world a better place – one charitable cause at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Christian Siriano get married?

Christian Siriano got married on July 9, 201The ceremony took place in Danbury, Connecticut at the Stony Hill Inn among family and friends.

What is the name of Christian Siriano’s spouse?

The name of Christian Siriano’s spouse is Brad Walsh. They had been engaged for two years before they finally tied the knot back in 2016.

How did Christian Siriano and his spouse meet?

Brad Walsh met Christian while he was a singer/songwriter living in New York City

What does Christian Siriano’s spouse do for a living?

Born and raised in Walworth County Wisconsin USA but based with operations across America specializing primarily as musician cum recording artist having released His debut single titled “Airport Codes” dropped officially online via Soundcloud page May 27th! Alongside crafting songs from home demos though producing electronic as well RnB/Pop genres inclusive under Private Practice Imprint Records Company & Royalty-free stock music licensing platform AudioJungle made instantly available over internet download archives!

Does Christian Siriano have any children with his spouse?

No, currently there are no reports that suggest that Bradford Shellhammer and Kristine can be blessed with kids anytime soon however being happily married it seems like just animals enough fill up this beloved couple daily life alongside business engagement since marriage vows were exchanged between these couples four years ago now so fans are hoping for one soon.

Have Christian Siriano and his spouse collaborated on any fashion projects?

Yes, Brad has modelled many of his husband’s designs. He recently modeled a design himself inspired by Hansel from Zoolander that was featured in Vogue magazine with over 5 views worldwide helping increased sales revenue thereof but rumors about celebrity couple collaborations back off lately after social media overwhelmed confidence bout where next venture regarding anticipated collection might take shape so stay tuned because the best is yet to come!

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