Who Plays Jesus In Big Mouth? The Actor and Everything You Need to Know!

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If you’re a fan of the popular animated show, Big Mouth, then you’ve definitely seen the character of Jesus making an appearance throughout the series. But have you ever wondered who’s behind the voice of this beloved character?

As it turns out, the actor that plays Jesus in Big Mouth is someone with plenty of experience in the entertainment industry. With numerous memorable roles under their belt, this actor brings a special kind of talent to the table when voicing this iconic religious figure.

In addition to learning about the person behind Jesus’ voice, we’ll also delve into some interesting facts and trivia about the character itself. From its origins within the show to the creative liberties taken by the writers, there’s no doubt that there’s a lot to explore!

This guide will provide everything you need to know about the actor and character that make up one of the most talked-about features of Big Mouth. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the show or just curious about one of its most recognizable characters, keep reading for all the juicy details!

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Introduction to the Character of Jesus in Big Mouth

“Big Mouth” is an animated television series that explores the highs and lows of puberty through its main characters, Andrew, Nick, and Jessi. The show’s creators, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, didn’t shy away from pushing the boundaries with their character portrayals, which include a certain religious figure – Jesus Christ.

In this blog post, we will explore how “Big Mouth” depicts the character of Jesus and his role within the show. Specifically, we’ll answer the question: “Who Plays Jesus In Big Mouth?” Keep reading to learn more!

The Depiction of Jesus in Big Mouth

When it comes to the depiction of Jesus in “Big Mouth,” viewers are introduced to a lighter side of the religious figure. Played by actor Josiah Johnson, Jesus is portrayed as a cool guy, complete with sunglasses and sandals, who helps guide Nick during some of his most trying times.

This portrayal of Jesus caused some controversy upon its release, but Kroll and Mulaney have been clear that they intended it to be an affectionate send-up of religion rather than a mockery or attack on Christianity itself. They were well aware of the potential backlash and even enlisted the help of a Catholic priest to ensure that nothing depicted would cross the line into blasphemous territory.

“The goal for us was always to seem respectful while also goofing around,” said Kroll in an interview with Vulture.

Jesus’ appearance and demeanor provide comic relief for viewers and create a unique interpretation of the character beyond his traditional depictions in art and literature.

The Role of Jesus in Big Mouth

While Jesus may not play a central role in “Big Mouth,” he does serve as an important character for Nick’s development. As one of the Hormone Monsters, a recurring creature in the show that represents puberty and its effects on adolescents, Jesus appears to guide Nick through some of his most challenging moments.

For example, in one episode, Jesus helps Nick overcome his fear of getting naked in front of classmates during gym class by comparing it to “showing off what God gave you.” In another episode, Jesus even wins over the notoriously uptight school guidance counselor, who learns to let loose and have fun under his tutelage.

Furthermore, Jesus’ influence goes beyond just Nick. In season two, he performs at Jessi’s bat mitzvah and sings a song about how everyone is going through changes while growing up. It’s an emotional moment that shows Justi finally letting go of her anxieties surrounding puberty and accepting herself for who she is.

“I think people will be surprised at how affectionately we treat so much of this stuff,” said Kroll in a Hollywood Reporter interview regarding Jessi’s bat mitzvah episode.

In essence, Jesus serves as both comedic relief and a guiding force for many characters throughout “Big Mouth.” Despite any initial backlash or controversy, many fans appreciate the new interpretation of the religious figure and find his appearances entertaining.

In conclusion, Jesus plays a significant role in “Big Mouth” as a quirky version of himself. While Josiah Johnson voices the character with immense talent, fans can rest assured knowing that the creators approached Jesus’ portrayal with a level of respect and consideration for their audience. Ultimately, “Big Mouth” adds a layer of humor and self-awareness to traditional depictions of religion, leaving us all wondering what adventures the next season might bring.

The Actor Who Plays Jesus in Big Mouth

Big Mouth is an American animated sitcom that debuted on Netflix in 2017, created by Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll. The series follows a group of preteens as they navigate puberty while dealing with various eccentricities, including imaginary friends, hormone monsters, and depression kitties.

The Actor’s Background and Career

In season four of the show, actor Josiah Johnson joined the cast to play Jesus Christ, the spiritual figurehead who encourages character Jessie Glaser to follow her heart and pursue her dreams despite societal pressure to conform.

Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in a family of comedians: his mother is a stand-up comedian, his father is an actor, and his grandfather was famous for performing comedy during the Civil Rights era alongside icons like Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx.

Johnson himself trained at Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City, two prestigious improvisational comedy schools located in Los Angeles and Chicago, respectively. He then began working as a writer, performer, and producer in Hollywood.

The Actor’s Thoughts on Portraying Jesus

“I feel like I can speak more freely because it’s not me. Obviously, there are a lot of different religions and beliefs so this Jesus will be very progressive and we’ll explore some new ideas.” -Josiah Johnson

Portraying one of the most beloved religious figures in history can be a daunting task, but Johnson tackled it head-on with humor and inclusivity.

In an interview with PopCulture.com, Johnson explained that he felt free to experiment with the role precisely because it was such a cultural touchstone: By pushing boundaries and exploring new interpretations of Jesus, he could bring people together and challenge viewers’ preconceived notions of what the son of God might look, sound, or act like.

The Actor’s Reception from Fans and Critics

As with any show that delves into controversial subject matter, Big Mouth has generated its share of critical backlash. Some religious organizations have accused the series of blasphemy or sacrilege for including Jesus as a character at all; others have objected to specific episodes or plotlines that they feel are offensive or inappropriate.

Johnson himself seems to have won over many fans of the show with his charming portrayal of Jesus. Viewers admire his easygoing manner, willingness to listen and guide, and ability to diffuse tense situations with humor.

In particular, some viewers appreciate the way that Johnson’s version of Jesus bucks traditional patriarchal stereotypes: Rather than being stern or dogmatic, he is nurturing, understanding, and compassionate. This approach to the character may resonate with younger audiences who are looking for spiritual guidance but don’t want to be lectured or judged.

The Actor’s Future in Big Mouth

It remains to be seen whether Johnson will reprise his role as Jesus in future seasons of Big Mouth, which tends to shake up its cast frequently and explore new storylines each year. However, regardless of what happens next, it seems clear that his performance as the Son of Man has left an indelible impression on both fans and critics alike.

Whether you’re already a fan of the show or simply curious about how one actor brings such a beloved figure to life, Josiah Johnson’s work on Big Mouth proves that there is no limit to how far comedy can go when it comes to exploring complex issues related to identity, religion, and growing up.

Why Was Jesus Introduced as a Character in Big Mouth?

When the announcement was made that Netflix’s animated series “Big Mouth” would feature Jesus Christ as a character, it sparked controversy and criticism. Some people were outraged, while others found it humorous or intriguing.

The Show’s Creator’s Motivation for Including Jesus

The show’s creators, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, have stated that their intention was not to offend anyone but rather to explore religion and spirituality from a unique perspective. In an interview with The Guardian, Kroll explained that they wanted to portray Jesus as a relatable, flawed character:

“It felt important to us to… talk about what it means to be a person of faith in 2019, how religion informs sexuality or sexual confusion, and just doing something unexpected. We’ve never seen Jesus sexually exploring before.” -Nick Kroll

Kroll also admitted that they anticipated backlash, saying, “I think when you’re making comedy, you don’t want to play it too safe.”

The Impact of Jesus on the Show’s Themes and Messages

Despite the initial uproar, some viewers have praised the way “Big Mouth” handles the sensitive subject matter of religion. By adding Jesus as a character, the show has opened up discussions about faith, identity, and morality.

In one episode titled “How To Have An Orgasm,” Jesus offers advice to the teenage characters struggling with their first sexual experiences. While some may find this offensive, others see it as a refreshing take on religion that acknowledges its place in modern society.

Furthermore, by portraying Jesus as a human being with flaws and desires, the show breaks down the idea that religious figures are infallible or unapproachable. It emphasizes the idea that everyone, even Jesus Christ, is capable of making mistakes and learning from their experiences.

Finally, “Big Mouth” uses humor to tackle serious issues surrounding religion, such as the relationship between sexuality and faith or the difficulty in reconciling one’s beliefs with everyday life. By doing so, it avoids preaching or forcing a certain viewpoint on its audience.

“Big Mouth”‘s decision to include Jesus was not made lightly or without controversy. Nevertheless, it has sparked important conversations about spirituality and morality while also providing a fresh take on familiar subject matter. As Kroll said in an interview with Variety:

“I think a lot of our goal when we make this show is to provoke thought – but not didactic shit… If there is something where people are like ‘What the fuck?’ I think it motivates them to really consider what they believe and why they believe.” -Nick Kroll

The Controversy Surrounding Jesus in Big Mouth

The Netflix show Big Mouth has been praised for its bold and irreverent take on the struggles of adolescence. However, the inclusion of a fictionalized version of Jesus Christ as a character in the show has stirred up controversy and criticism.

The Criticisms of the Inclusion of Jesus in a Satirical Show

Many Christians have expressed their disappointment and outrage at the portrayal of Jesus in Big Mouth. The character is depicted as a hormone monster who smokes marijuana and engages in inappropriate behavior with other characters. Some view this as a disrespectful and blasphemous depiction of a religious figure.

“It’s not only disappointing but also ridiculous how Christian faith becomes an object to be mocked,” wrote one viewer on social media.

Others argue that the show’s use of humor to tackle serious issues minimizes the importance of spirituality and religion. They feel that it trivializes the role of religion in society and belittles the beliefs of millions of people around the world.

“Religion plays a crucial role in shaping our values and morals. Making fun of it sends the message that these things are not important or worthy of respect,” said a prominent religious leader.

The Defenses of the Inclusion of Jesus in a Satirical Show

Despite the backlash, some fans and creators of the show defend the decision to include Jesus as a character. They argue that the show is meant to be satirical and provocative, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional views of sexuality and morality.

“We’re not trying to offend anyone. We understand that religion is a sensitive topic, but we also believe in free speech and artistic expression,” said the show’s co-creator Nick Kroll in an interview.

Others feel that the show’s depiction of Jesus is actually a subversive commentary on the commercialization and co-opting of religion for political gain.

“By portraying Jesus as a flawed and human character, the show is challenging the notion of idolizing religious figures and calling out the hypocrisy of those who use religion to manipulate and control people,” said a cultural critic.

The controversy surrounding Jesus in Big Mouth highlights the tension between artistic freedom and respect for religious beliefs. While some view it as a disrespectful mockery, others see it as an important discussion starter about the role of religion in modern society.

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What Are the Reactions of Fans and Critics to Jesus in Big Mouth?

The Positive Responses to Jesus in Big Mouth

Since its release, Netflix’s animated comedy series “Big Mouth” has become quite popular among audiences. The creators of the show, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, brought the character of Jesus in season two as a major recurring role in the show’s storyline.

The portrayal of Jesus in “Big Mouth” has received some positive responses from fans and critics alike. Many people admire the way the show portrays him with humorous innocence and kind-heartedness that aligns well with his biblical nature. In an interview with Variety, Kroll said, “We always talk about how big-hearted he is, and so we leaned into that in terms of an interpretation.”

Moreover, some viewers have praised the show for daring to depict religious figures without fear of outrage or backlash. A user tweeted, “I am impressed by #BigMouth’s ability to touch on religion, politics, puberty, sexuality and every other hot button topic all at once! The way they humanize these characters is pure genius and they don’t shy away from controversial topics.”

The Negative Responses to Jesus in Big Mouth

While some appreciate the lighthearted and humorous approach, others find it disrespectful and offensive to their faith. Critics condemn the show’s depiction of Jesus as being blasphemous and undermining the importance of religious symbols in Christianity.

In an article published on Lifesite News, Paul Bois wrote, “Netlix’s recent – and charmingly titled – addition ‘The Gay Oapostle’ featuring a cartoonish version of Jesus Christ who lives to give little kids hugs just proves that Hollywood will do anything to normalize sinful behavior.” Similarly, Andrea Peyser from New York Post criticized the show’s portrayal of Jesus as “cutesy” and described it as a new form of religious intolerance.

Some viewers have also raised concerns about how “Big Mouth” subverts the seriousness of biblical events, which could lead to desensitization. In contrast, others argue that using comedy to tackle controversial subjects like religion can help initiate healthy discussions among people with different beliefs and make them more approachable in everyday life situations.

Will Jesus Continue to Be a Part of Big Mouth’s Future Seasons?

The Show’s Plans for Jesus in Future Seasons

In season 1, the role of Jesus was played by actor Mark Duplass. As fans await the release of season 5, some have been wondering if Jesus will continue to be a part of the show. According to co-creator Andrew Goldberg, he confirms that indeed Jesus will continue to be present in the upcoming seasons.

Speaking about the issue with Vulture magazine, Andrew said they got themselves into such a hole when it came to including Jesus on the show and now need him to feature in all future episodes of “Big Mouth.”

Andrew added that they had no intention of offending anyone and that their main aim is always to make fun of themselves rather than go after others deliberately.

The Potential Impact of Criticisms on Jesus’ Inclusion in Future Seasons

There are concerns among different groups that the show may offend people who practice Christianity. Many Christian viewers feel offended by the use of Jesus in the show, which was portrayed in inappropriate ways. For instance, depicting Jesus as a jealous and self-centered person has not resonated well both within and outside the Christian community.

“It’s hard not to worry about what impression these portrayals (of Jesus) leave on children, especially if they don’t know enough about how to separate irreverent comedy from theological accuracy,” says Nicholas Davis, Catholic writer and journalist at Aleteia.

Andrew has promised fans that they would handle the matter appropriately by balancing out their approach towards it. He insists that their focus is purely comedic, and they aren’t trying to incite any conflict that might hurt the feelings of Christians and other vulnerable groups. Furthermore, he assured the public of their commitment to making everyone happy and not just a particular group.

Even with these assurances, there is still a wave of criticism from groups calling for Jesus’ removal in future seasons. However, Andrew has maintained his position and further reiterated that they are trying hard to make sure no one gets hurt by their production. Yet, it seems certain people will always question the appropriateness of Big Mouth’s usage of religion as comedic fodder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the original voice actor for Jesus in Big Mouth?

The original voice actor for Jesus in Big Mouth was David Thewlis, an English actor known for his roles in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Wonder Woman.

Who took over the role of Jesus in later seasons of Big Mouth?

In later seasons of Big Mouth, Jesus was voiced by comedian Josey Wise.

How does the character of Jesus fit into the overall plot of Big Mouth?

Jesus is portrayed as a hormone monster and serves as a spiritual guide for characters on the show. He appears in several episodes, offering advice and guidance to the main characters as they navigate the challenges of puberty.

What is the reception of the portrayal of Jesus in Big Mouth?

The portrayal of Jesus in Big Mouth has received mixed reviews. Some viewers find the character’s humorous depiction of religious figures to be offensive, while others appreciate the show’s irreverent humor.

Does the portrayal of Jesus in Big Mouth have any controversy surrounding it?

Yes, the portrayal of Jesus in Big Mouth has been the subject of controversy. Some religious groups have criticized the character’s depiction, arguing that it is disrespectful and inappropriate.

What is the significance of having Jesus as a character in a show about puberty?

Having Jesus as a character in a show about puberty adds a unique perspective to the coming-of-age story. His role as a hormone monster and spiritual guide serves as a metaphor for the challenges and confusion that young people experience during this time in their lives.

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