Who Sings Christian Wwe Theme Song? Let’s Find Out!

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If you’re a wrestling fan, it’s highly likely that you have heard of Christian. He is a Canadian professional wrestler who has wrestled in various promotions around the world, including WWE and TNA (Impact Wrestling). During his time with WWE, he had an entrance theme song that was very popular among fans.

The theme song is called “Just Close Your Eyes, ” and many people wonder about the identity of the artist behind its creation. In this article, we will finally answer your question:

Who sings Christian WWE Theme Song?

The man behind the beautiful voice that performed “Just Close Your Eyes” for Christian’s entrance is none other than American singer/songwriter Jim Johnston. If you are familiar with early 2000s wrestling themes from WWE then Johnston shouldn’t be new to you

It doesn’t end there!

You might recognize some other iconic wrestlers’ songs such as Triple H’s “My Time” or The Undertaker’s “Ministry”, were all composed by him.

Do you want to know more about Jim? Keep on reading!

Some Possible Christian Wwe Theme Song Singers

Music is an integral part of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). A wrestler’s entrance theme music has the power to electrify a crowd and make lasting memories. Many WWE wrestlers incorporate their faith into their persona, and some might seek out Christian artists who can help them create theme songs that reflect their belief in Jesus Christ.

“I’m grateful for those musicians that use WWE as a platform to share positive messages.”Xavier Woods

“It’s crazy because my hope has always been like ‘can we get more people who represent what I do here?’. So when we had Lecrae perform last year at WrestleMania week or NF being on one of our video game trailers, I was so excited because not only are they really great people but also amazing performers.”

-Xavier Woods talking to CBN News about his admiration for Christian rap artists.

We have witnessed several times how eagerly wrestlers search for just the right theme song; it defines their character and accentuates everything else they contribute to ringside entertainment. Here are a few potential singers who could provide tremendous gospel-backed themes:

  • TobyMac: One possibility would be TobyMac, whose undeniable talents combine hip hop with electronic elements while sprinkling spiritual inspiration throughout each performance.
  • Lecrae: Another candidate is Lecrae Devaughn Moore, known professionally simply as “Lecrae.” He is regarded by many fans in the industry thanks to his ability to fuse together high-energy raps with inspiring lyrics from a worldview committed totally toward Christianity.
  • Crowder: While David Wallace Crowder (“Crower” rendition) originated in the world of Christian music, his style has always leaned more explicitly toward rock. With a broad vocal range and impressive instrumental skills that include guitar and piano, he could craft stunning themes.
  • For King & Country: Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone may be known best for their catchy pop hits like “joy” or “God Only Knows, ” but they’ve got an engaging spirit that could definitely translate well into wrestling theme songs.

We will likely discover other skilled singers who can create high-quality sounds with flair after representing their faith similarly to these artists.And hopefully We’ll see someone join forces with WWE soon.”

WWE Superstar “The Preacher”

WWE Superstar “The Preacher” is a popular wrestler who has caught the attention of many wrestling fans around the world. He is known for his charismatic personality, unique style, and Christian-themed entrance music that resonates with his religious persona.

“I want to be different from everyone else in WWE. I’m not just a wrestler; I am also a preacher.”

The Preacher’s real name is William Sims Jr., but he goes by his ring name “The Preacher.” He was born on July 28, 1982, in Texas and grew up as an avid wrestling fan. Before entering professional wrestling, The Preacher served as a youth pastor and had aspirations of becoming a televangelist.

“My faith has always been important to me, and it guides everything I do – including my career in WWE.”

One thing that sets The Preacher apart from other wrestlers is his theme song. Unlike most wrestlers whose entrance songs are hard rock or hip hop tracks meant to amp up the crowd before their matches start, The Preacher chose something quite unusual for himself – gospel music!

“Who sings Christian Wwe Theme Song? That would be me! I sing my own theme song. It’s called ‘Blessed Assurance’ because that’s exactly how I feel when I step into the ring – blessed!”

Many fans appreciate The Preacher’s use of gospel music as it showcases both his love for God and passion for professional wrestling. His distinct choice represents strength despite being unorthodox—as it reflects what makes each individual strong—serving one’s beliefs while pursuing their passions.

In conclusion: The preacher is a religious character surprising WWE fans by his unconventional theme song. He’s a unique figure in the world of wrestling who stands out thanks to his faith and peculiar persona, which he consistently brings into every match.

Gospel Legend Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin is an American gospel musician, songwriter and choir director who has made significant contributions to the genre of contemporary Christian music.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas on January 26th, 1970, Franklin was raised by his aunt Gertrude after being abandoned by his mother. It was during this difficult time that he found solace in music and began playing the piano at just four years old. By the age of eleven, he had become a choir director for his local church.

“I believe that God knew what He was doing when He gave me my calling.”

In 1992, Franklin formed “Kirk Franklin & The Family”, which quickly became one of the most successful gospel acts of all time. Their debut album sold over a million copies and earned them two Grammy awards. Over the years, they went on to release several more albums and win numerous accolades including BET Awards, Stellar Awards as well as several Dove Awards.

Franklin’s unique sound blends traditional gospel with R&B influences such as hip hop beats and live instrumentation featuring brass horns and keyboards. Some of his most popular hits include “Stomp”, “Imagine Me” and “Brighter Day”.

“My gospel message isn’t changing – it’s been consistent throughout my career.”

Franklin has also collaborated with secular artists across various genres ranging from Bono (U2) to Kanye West. His impact goes beyond just music; he founded The House Of Blues Gospel Brunch franchise in association with Live Nation Entertainment Inc., where patrons can enjoy brunch while listening to live performances by local choirs.

In conclusion, Kirks franklins’ contribution to Contemporary Christian Music cannot be overemphasized, and he remains a legendary icon in the Christian music community.

Christian Rock Band MercyMe

MercyMe is a Christian rock band that was formed in 1994, consisting of lead vocalist Bart Millard, keyboardist James Bryson, percussionist Robby Shaffer, bassist Nathan Cochran and guitarists Michael Scheuchzer and Barry Graul. The band hails from Greenville, Texas.

The story behind the formation of the Christian rock group is remarkable. Lead singer Bart Millard had lost his father at an early age due to cancer which made him pursue music as an escape route whenever he felt depressed or sad about life’s circumstances. When he joined college years later, with a strong urge to sing worship songs that encouraged many people facing challenges in their faith walk with Christ. Eventually saw them grow to become one of the leading Christian bands worldwide.

“We love playing our instruments on stage but we want to use that sound for something much bigger than ourselves…our goal when you come see us live is not for you to leave feeling entertained, ” says Millard.

The band has released several albums since its inception back then including “Lifer, ” “The Generous Mr.Lovewell”, ”Almost There”, “All That Is Within Me”, “Welcome To The New” among others which have all been great hits within the gospel world.The song entitled ‘I Can Only Imagine’ went platinum four times over.”

Apart from making beautiful renditions on various stages both nationally and internationally, MercyMe also sings some hit theme songs used by WWE who happen to be loyal fans of MercyMe’s musical work.Their extraordinary vocals continue winning hearts across NFL teams every season.Every team wants them there, it seems!

“I think touching somebody on a spirituality level far outweighs anything else you could do musically…and I think that’s why we’re still doing it, ” says Bart Millard of MercyMe

The band has made history and left a legacy, with Christian believers looking up to them as role models in the music industry. Despite long years down the road since their inception, MercyMe continues popping up on Billboard charts, securing spots in blockbuster movies such as “I Can Only Imagine” which chronicles the story behind one of their hit songs.

Why Christian Theme Songs Are Important in WWE

The use of music plays a significant role in sports entertainment, particularly in professional wrestling. One of the most popular elements within this genre is entrance theme songs that allows fans to connect with their favorite wrestlers on an emotional level.

In WWE, Christian’s theme song has played a crucial part in his career as it elevated his personality and made him stand out from the rest of the roster. The “Just Close Your Eyes” entrance tune was initially launched for Edge but after some time it was changed to fit Christian’s persona.

“Your music tells your story, ” said legendary wrestler Shawn Michaels regarding the importance of having an iconic theme song.

A character’s entry melody should reflect their style and mannerism while also resonating with the audience. For instance, when Christian used Alter Bridge’s hit single “Metalingus” as his theme song at TNA Impact Wrestling, he received thunderous applause every time he stepped up due to its remarkable chorus (“On this day / I see clearly everything has come to life”). While many may argue about which version of Christian’s anthem reigns supreme between ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ or ‘Metalingus’, one thing they all agree on is both songs bring back nostalgia among old-school fans.

Furthermore, wrestling audiences love singing along with famous tunes during live events like WrestleMania or Royal Rumble. When tens of thousands raise hands together chanting lyrics alongside blinking flashlights makes them feel united under one roof and creates strong bonds between fellow supporters while paying tribute to their idols.

In conclusion,

Christian’s entrance themes have been pivotal not only for establishing himself as a distinguished competitor but improving overall fan experience through catchy melodies that create long-lasting memories throughout different eras because who can ever forget a standout entrance song?

Adding Diversity to the Music Lineup

The music lineup at an event can make or break the overall experience for attendees. It’s important to ensure that there is a healthy mix of genres and artists, both mainstream and independent, to appeal to various tastes.

Diversity should also be considered when selecting performers. Their background, ethnicity, culture and religion may impact their perspective on music which will give the audience a unique experience as well. Christian WWE theme songs are often performed by individuals who have deep-rooted beliefs in God. A great example of this is Montell Jordan who sang “This Is How We Do It” back in 1995 but gave up his worldly career path after getting baptized.”You Still Matter” was sung Montel during Wrestlemania 31 PPV singing about Christ healing difficult situations – it continues with “Sometimes we feel like giving up, we think nobody cares/ Looking for someone to hold onto down here, ” before insisting: “God can heal everything right now if you just believe He’s real.” This type of performance not only showcases diversity but brings authenticity in words used while performing creating a different type of connection between artist and listener.

“It’s important for events like these to showcase artists from diverse backgrounds because representation matters, ” says Rachel Collins, CEO of Inclusive Artists Agency. “When people see themselves reflected on stage through music, they feel seen and valued.”

By including diverse acts throughout the event schedule truly allows the performer easy accessibility & fortifies future possible collaborations outside that particular industry; impacting lives beyond what anyone could predict!

Audience Engagement:

Different cultures listen to different types of music so inviting artists from all around helps everyone relate better under one roof irrespective where each individual stands culturally or musically background wise.

In conclusion, by adding diversity to the music lineup, you can create an immersive and inclusive atmosphere that will entertain all attendees while giving them a unique music experience.

Appealing to Religious Fans

If you happen to be a religious fan of WWE, then you must have noticed the mention of God or Jesus Christ in some wrestler’s victory speeches. This shows that religion and wrestling can exist together.

The use of Christian themes is not just limited to promos and speeches; it also translates into music. One such example is ‘Glorious Domination’ by CFO$, which was used as Bobby Roode’s entrance theme song. The lyrics are a succession of affirmations for taking control over your life through faith. That said, it isn’t specifically made for Christians like most other songs on this list but reflects an inspirational message overall.

“As they step aside (step aside) / To be the one who’s laughed upon another day” – CFO$

Anotheer exemplary instance would be “I Walk Alone” sung by Saliva and used as Batista’s ring entrance theme. Even though this song doesn’t necessarily talk about Christianity or any other particular religions directly, its opening line says “Alone/I walk alone” suggests that there might be moments where we feel solitary but having religious beliefs with us could drive away the darkness inside us.

“Alone / I walk alone / And watch your “life” Fade away”

However when talking about singer Xenia Rubinos she has lended her voice to multiple christian-themed projects including track contributions on compilations by Because MoMrec, BOOOM America! V7: Spiritual Rap & Gospel Hymns LP under Vickie Winans Ministry/Acting Up Entertainment Production plus Joseph Pfeifer World Outreach Ministries etcetera Consequently she recently tweeted how humbled she felt while performing at a church adding quote “It was acutely a spiritual and emotional experience, really special in these weird times”.

Overall it’s admirable that WWE is able to cater to all audiences by featuring musicians and entrance themes of different genres. Wrestling has the power to bring people from diverse backgrounds together, as we saw with the recent collaborations between Bad Bunny & Damian Priest.

Top 3 Christian Theme Songs in WWE History

Christian, whose real name is William Jason Reso, had a successful wrestling career before retiring in 2014. He was also known for his band “Waterproof Blonde” which contributed to two of his theme songs during his stint with WWE.

“I believe that if you look up ‘overachiever’ in the dictionary, there’s going to be a picture of Christian next to it.”
1. “Just Close Your Eyes”

This song became synonymous with Christian’s character especially when he turned on Edge and began using this as his entrance music. Waterproof Blonde originally recorded the track but Jim Johnston reworked it into an electro-rock anthem featuring high-pitched vocals by Story Of The Year frontman Dan Marsala shouting “Fire!” throughout the chorus.

“It really wasn’t until I turned heel and we did the Breaking Point pay-per-view where I won my first world championship against Alberto Del Rio that they kind of gave me my own thing.”
2. “At Last”

This sultry Nancy Sinatra-inspired tune accompanied one of Christian’s most memorable runs. It captures everything from longing to heartbreak perfectly, becoming even more effective after seeing how much effort Captain Charisma put into every single performance.

“The original demos were just myself playing acoustic guitar or piano and singing them because I wanted people to understand what was coming across melodically, ”
3. “Blood Brother”

The entry riff sounded like someone underwater trying frantically to escape drowning while distorted guitars built up tension behind him/her as expectations rose higher each second-longer intro snippets aired between Smackdown commercial breaks leading viewers to Believe in the 👑. It was then fitting for Christian’s gimmick that he would be joined by his real-life best friend and fellow Canadian wrestler Edge who provided backing vocals on “Blood Brother.”

“Vicky Moss, she works with WWE now in Talent Relations, but she originally sang it, “

“Testify” by P.O.D

“Testify” is a song by the Christian rock band P.O.D. which was released in 2006 as part of their album “Testify.” The song discusses staying true to one’s faith and beliefs, even in the face of adversity.

P.O.D (Payable On Death) is an American Christian Nu-Metal/Rap-Rock band hailing from San Diego, California. They formed in 1992 and since then have produced many hits such as “Youth Of The Nation, ” “Alive, ” and “Satellite.”

Quote: We definitely want our music to uplift people; this exists for positivity – that means speaking out against injustice or dysfunctionality or things like depression within society because we are all human beings who suffer those same things.-Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D

Their songs usually focus on themes like Christianity, relationships between people, hope and positivity while also discussing social issues prevalent at times. It’s not surprising that WWE picked them up to create a theme song!

Quote: Wrestling aligns great with how we see ourselves too – Payable On Death! In wrestling you get knocked down but you’ve got to get back up again day after day no matter what comes your way!-Marcos Curiel of P.O.D talking about cooperation with WWE

In fact, the lead singer Sonny Sandoval has recorded various entrance themes for wrestlers in WWE including Rey Mysterio Jr., Carlito Caribbean Cool and Billy Kidman.

Quote:I think it’s cool when real-life situations line-up with entertainment…It teaches us young ones that neither fighters nor superstars should live on past accomplishment. You have to keep moving forward and set another goal for yourself – make it bigger, better.-Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D talking about the collaboration with WWE

The music video for “Testify” features a performance by the band in an abandoned warehouse as well as footage of different people standing up against various injustices.

Overall, Testify is one of the most popular songs by P.O.D, resonating strongly with their fans due to its powerful message that encourages personal growth even when faced with difficult situations.

“Glorious Domination” by CFO$

WWE is not only known for its wrestling matches but also for its unforgettable theme songs. One of the most popular ones is “Glorious Domination, ” which was introduced in 2016 with Bobby Roode’s entrance.

“I won’t give in, I won’t give in til’ I’m victorious”

The song has become an anthem among wrestling fans, especially Christians. The lyrics talk about perseverance and succeeding against all odds, making it a perfect fit for wrestlers who portray themselves as fighters facing difficult challenges.

“From ashes and dust up again like a phoenix”

CFO$, the American record label that specializes in producing music for WWE themes, composed this masterpiece. However, many people do not know that both Mike Lauri and Julia Lauren DiFino are Christians and spread their faith through their music production.

“Brought down to my knees but picked up by grace”

It goes without saying that CFO$ hit the jackpot with “Glorious Domination.” It topped several charts worldwide including iTunes top rock songs during its initial release week itself becoming one of the best-selling digital tracks on Amazon Music UK under ‘Rock Songs.’ Its crossover appeal had made it re-entered multiple Billboard Charts following months after its launch too.

The song became so famous amongst Christian circles that even local church bands started playing covers of it at events! There’s no denying how powerful good music can be when used correctly!

“No need for brakes, I am safe in His arms Risky or safe they somehow blend together.”

In conclusion, CFO$ created magic with ‘Glorious domination’, making it one of the most contemporary Christian rock anthems that people swear by. As Christians, Mike and Julia believe they are spreading God’s message through music in a way where fans can sing along while glorifying their own lives.

“Just Close Your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde & Story of the Year

Are you wondering who sings Christian WWE theme songs? Well, “Just Close Your Eyes” is one of them and it’s sung by two bands – Waterproof Blonde and Story of the Year.

The song made its debut in 2006 as a theme for wrestler Christian. It has been used ever since during his ring entrance and has become synonymous with him over time. The song garnered immense popularity among fans because of its catchy tune and powerful lyrics that perfectly embodied the character he portrayed in the ring – unpredictable, daring, and fearless.

“Lay it all down, we’ll come alive in this moment.”– Lyrics from “Just Close Your Eyes”

The song begins with gentle acoustic guitar strumming accompanied by Christine Aspell’s soft vocals before gradually picking up pace. Once Nathan Leone takes charge on chorus backed by rock guitars riffs that add an extra punch to already intense music.

In terms of genre, “Just close your eyes, ” falls under alternative rock being both melodic while bordering on post-hardcore at moments which helps accentuate each impact move taken inside wrestling rings around the world where it plays regularly.

“If you just close your eyes, Till you’re numb And every fear you’ve ever known Will be gone”– Excerpt from “Just Close Your Eyes”

If anyone asks about wrestlers having their own personal soundtrack then they should look no further than Christian’s legendary reign as a pro-wrestling superstar! Thanks to this memorable track!

All in all, “Just Closed Your Eyes” may have had humble beginnings but quickly picked up traction due to sheer force behind emotional verses and passionate delivery. It soon became a song fans began to anticipate each Sunday night when tuning in for weekly matches.

The Role of Religion in WWE Storylines

Religious themes have been used frequently in the storylines for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) over the years. Some wrestlers have even incorporated their faith into their characters, using it as a source of inspiration and motivation.

One prime example is former wrestler Shawn Michaels, who was known as “The Heartbreak Kid.” Michaels became a born-again Christian later in his career and began incorporating his newfound faith into his character. He would often pray before matches or give thanks to God after victories.

“I’m not ashamed to say that I am a Christian, “ Michaels once said. “And when people see me out there praying, it’s because my heart is in the right place.”

In another example, wrestler John Cena has referenced Christianity multiple times during interviews and on social media. Cena has also had Bible verses written on his wristbands during matches and has stated that he uses prayer to cope with stress.

“Being very spiritual helps me get through everything, “ said Cena in an interview with CNN.com. “All religions preach the same virtues – love your fellow man as you’d like to be loved yourself; treat others how you’d like to be treated etc.”

Besides individual wrestler beliefs being woven into WWE storylines, religious plot lines are themselves part of recurring motifs within wrestling narratives throughout history.

“Wrestling embraces mythic storytelling elements derived from Western societies’ traditional cultural formative process”, wrote Sharon Mazer, author of Professional Wrestling: Sport And Spectacle.“It crosses genre boundaries utilizing melodrama’s emotional excesses alongside its narrative complexities creating its own distinctive forms which include religion/faith-based archetypes.”

Examples of religious plots in WWE storylines have included battles between good and evil characters, the clash between atheism versus faith and even wrestling matches that are presented as being acts of divine intervention.

“In my early days with WWE, I wanted to come up with this storyline where an angel blessed one wrestler before a match, “ said former wrestler Ted DiBiase Jr. “Then things would happen – whether it was lighting striking or music playing out loud – confirming that God was watching over them.”

In summary, while most wrestling fans may not expect religion to play much of a role within the theatrical world of professional wrestling, its inclusion has often helped create some memorable moments throughout the history of WWE storytelling.

Heel vs. Face Dynamics

The world of professional wrestling is such an interesting one, full of unique and often flamboyant characters that captivate audiences around the globe. One of the most important aspects in any wrestling story is whether a wrestler is considered to be a heel or a face.

A heel is essentially a villainous character that fans are meant to boo and dislike, while faces are the heroes that fans cheer for and support during matches. This dynamic creates an exciting narrative where these two forces clash in the ring, trying to outsmart each other with their signature moves.

“A good villain can make just as much impact as a hero because he’s got something to prove.” – Dusty Rhodes
In Christian Wrestling Entertainment (CWE), this dynamic plays out perfectly through their talented roster of wrestlers who have become known for making larger-than-life persona come alive both inside and outside of the squared circle.

CWE has produced several top-tiered talents over years but none greater than AJ Styles. The phenomenal WWE superstar’s love for Christ takes center stage on all his social media platforms especially when it comes down to interacting with popular podcasts like Jericho Network which features Edge & Christian podcast.

This reinforces how Christianity branding works best within individual personas rather becoming gimmickry element incorporated into each shows theme song or costumes etc.

CWE also brought Kofi Kingston onboard back in 2008 whose theme song “SOS” was later revamped by adding gospel lyrics after winning his first World Championship belt in WM36 against Daniel Bryan at MetLife Stadium East Rutherford New Jersey thus giving birth to another unforgettable moment etched forever onto brain cells off millions watching across homes worldwide

“I think sometimes heels get frustrated because they want everything done immediately.”- Stephanie McMahon

What makes heel vs. face dynamics work so well is that fans often develop an emotional attachment to the characters, whether they love them or hate them. It’s this connection and investment in storylines that keeps people coming back for more.

With Christian WWE superstars like AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston who are using their platforms to spread a positive message of faith while still maintaining fan loyalty through heel-face dynamics heavily embossed within CWE itself opens up doorways for even better stories depicting Christianity with clear emphasis on moral values ending each fight satisfied by saying justice has been served!

Cultural Sensitivity and Controversy

When it comes to music, culture plays a significant role in how people perceive songs. That is why cultural sensitivity is vital in the music industry as different cultures have diverse beliefs and musical preferences.

In the Christian WWE world, there has been some controversy surrounding who sings the Christian WWE theme song. Some fans believe that Skillet produced the “The Resistance” theme song while others claim it was performed by TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch).

TFK’s lead singer Trevor McNevan: “It’s always amazing when brands can come together with artists/ bands they not only appreciate but love.”

The confusion regarding who sang this particular song can be attributed to its sound which resembles both Skillet’s and TFK’s style of rock music. However, without clarification from either band or WWE corporation itself, it remains unclear who precisely performed this popular entrance track.

The importance of understanding religious views is necessary for any brand such as WWE shared their stance on Christianity through their superstar’s entry songs selection carefully. The company understands the impact religion holds on many individuals worldwide. Hence utmost respect must get demonstrated across all continents concerning handling various faiths within fanbases involved with sports entertainment events.

“It shows diversity, ” said Devon Burke acknowledging he enjoyed hearing his favorite tunes played associated with wrestlers’ characters inspired him.”

To avoid misunderstandings among viewership around globally watched organizations like World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), careful attention should get paid to controversial matters raised through questions seeking clarity about certain topics connected to performers’ choice of explicitly spiritual content used throughout entrances. With correct use of proper research techniques from professionals dealing daily communicating between multiple locations when needed discussed earlier enhances accuracy where things are uncertain keeping customers satisfied while minimizing controversy all around.

WWE’s Approach to Handling Religious Themes

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has, over the years, included religious themes in their shows. Numerous wrestlers have had Christian motifs in their entrance music and gimmicks.

The WWE is a global brand that caters to diverse cultures and religions; therefore, they handle religious issues with caution. The company often seeks advice from spiritual leaders when incorporating religion into storylines or characters.

Vince McMahon: “We always try to be respectful of all faiths…You’ll find that we celebrate life through entertainment here.”

Furthermore, before using any songs for wrestler entrances, the WWE obtains licenses from appropriate authorities while adhering to copyright laws.

“There are many types of music genres used as theme songs throughout our programming which help capture the energy & excitement of our fans, “ says Neil Lawi, senior vice president of Music Creative Services at WWE.

In terms of “Who Sings Christian Wwe Theme Song?” – there are various individuals responsible for producing them who may belong to different beliefs themselves but respect those represented on screen. Some examples include Michael Astroth who composed Randy Orton’s post-2010 theme song titled ‘Voices, ‘ Jim Johnston was responsible for Shawn Michaels’ vastly popular ‘Sexy Boy’ entrance track leading towards his 1996 religious persona reintroduction in WWF revealing he’d given up alcoholism & drugs thanks to Jesus Christ.

Hence it can be concluded that though the inclusion of religious aesthetics makes WWE more appealing and relatable to some audiences worldwide but they’re careful with proper licensing agreements as well as consultation with professionals regarding cultural sensitivity guidelines so each viewer feels comfortable enough enjoying entertainment catered by them regardless what belief system someone follows outside this form of media experience gained through TV or live events.

WWE Superstars Who Are Open About Their Faith

Faith has always been an integral part of WWE. Many wrestlers have openly discussed their faith and how it has helped them in their professional careers. Here’s a list of WWE superstars who are open about their faith.

Seth Rollins

The former Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins had his faith tested when he underwent surgery following a severe knee injury in 2015. However, Rollins admits that the experience strengthened his beliefs and appreciation for life. He credits his success to God and is not shy about discussing religion with fans or fellow wrestlers.

Braun Strowman

“The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman may look intimidating inside the ring but outside it, he practices Christianity as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. There was even speculation that this played a role in why Strowman did not participate in traditional WrestleMania weekend activities back in 2019.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton is known to be very vocal about his Christian faith on social media platforms such as Twitter where he often quotes bible verses or praises Jesus Christ for being by his side during difficult times.

“Today I stand strong because my Lord will never forsake me No matter what they say fingers crossed behind deceived smiles Another day goes by And tonight I feel like maybe someday we could learn To fly tomorrow”
Natalya Neidhart

In addition to training at The Hart House alongside her uncle Bret “Hit Man” Hartand father Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart since she was just fifteen years old, Natalya also shares her late father’s spirituality beyond wrestling interests.

“My dad taught us to live our lives with purpose so sometimes if I don’t know what to do in a difficult business decision or if there’s anything tough going on, it helps me get through everything.”

These WWE superstars are just some of the examples of wrestlers who have openly discussed their faith. Their belief has played an important role not only in their personal lives but also helped them endure hardships and thrive professionally.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels, also known as “The Heartbreak Kid, ” is a professional wrestler who had an illustrious career in the WWE. Known for his high-flying moves and charismatic personality, he won numerous titles during his time in the ring.

Aside from his wrestling accomplishments, Shawn Michaels has made contributions to Christian music. He sings the theme song of fellow WWE Superstar and devout Christian, Rey Mysterio Jr. The song is titled “Crossing Borders” and features Spanish lyrics alongside English ones.

“I’m a born-again believer in Jesus Christ…I try to use my celebrity status so that I can tell people about Him.” – Shawn Michaels

In addition to singing on occasion, Shawn Michaels is outspoken about his faith. In interviews outside of the ring, he has discussed how finding religion helped him overcome personal struggles and become a better person overall.

Despite officially retiring from wrestling in 2018 (after coming out of retirement for one more match earlier that year), Shawn Michaels remains influential inside and outside of the sport. His legacy continues through young wrestlers who grew up idolizing him as well as fans who still cheer for him today.

A.J. Styles

When it comes to the Christian WWE Theme Song, A.J. Styles is one of the superstars who has used this song as his entrance theme in the past. The song, entitled “Phenomenal” was written and performed by a gospel group called CFO$.

A.J. Styles is considered as one of the most well-known professional wrestlers today and has made quite an impact in both TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). He started out with his career in 1998 when he worked for various independent promotions across America before joining NWA (National Wrestling Alliance).

In 2002, Styles made his debut at TNA where he then became a powerhouse on their roster throughout his time there. His talent did not go unnoticed, leading him to be signed with WWE years later after making appearances in Ring of Honor (ROH), New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and other companies internationally.

“I’m surrounded by nothing but great memories.”
Jayson Anthony Paul aka JTG about working alongside AJ styles

Styles has since become a legend within WWE’s modern era after winning multiple championships like United States Champion twice and having already won two Royal Rumbles respectively.

The Phenomenal One also had notable feuds against John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose among others that have continued cementing his legacy within wrestling fandom history forevermore!

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is a professional wrestler from the United States who currently performs for WWE on Friday Night SmackDown brand under her ring name, Sasha Banks. She made her debut in wrestling when she was only 18 years old.

Banks has been recognized as one of the top stars in women’s wrestling and is considered by many to be a pioneer of The Women’s Evolution era of WWE. She trails behind Charlotte Flair for most reigns as champion with five combined Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships throughout her stellar career so far.

“I am the standard that this division needs, ” Banks said in an interview with Sports Illustrated ahead of WrestleMania 37.

The Boss, as she calls herself, also boasts another impressive record – having wrestled at seven consecutive pay-per-view events between October 2020 and April 2021 – all main event matches or being positioned prominently on each card. In addition to professional wrestling, Sasha released several rap songs though none are based around any Wwe Theme Song except theme song where Wale (rapper) mentions her singing alongwith Naomi.. In fact, you may remember listening to Snoop Dogg’s “Gangsta Luv” which features vocals from both Swizz Beatz and Sasha Banks. Her rapping talent led Bank to feature alongside some famous artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Wayne, etc. Banks’ fanbase extends beyond just dedicated fans – it was revealed recently that she helped inspire R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan’s comeback single “Lost One”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other songs has the artist who sings the Christian WWE theme song produced?

Cody Rhodes signed a multi-year contract with AEW (All Elite Wrestling) after being granted his release from WEE in April 201His repertoire includes tracks like Kingdom & Smoke And Mirrors which were performed during his time at wrestling promotions such as All Elite Wrestling(AEW), Ring of Honor(ROH) among others. With many more years ahead of him, fans can expect that Cody will make some exciting music down His career path.

Did the Christian WWE theme song receive any awards or nominations?

The Creation of Just Close Your Eyes did not attract any significant award recognition but still managed to remain well-received globally due to how fittingly it captures Chrisitan’s persona as an inspiring crowd-pleaser personality as he finished off opponents inside rings across arenas worldwide while constantly eliciting support throughout his illustrious run within professional wrestling entertainment circles.

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