Who Wrote Above All Christian Song? The Shocking Truth Revealed!

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Have you ever wondered who wrote the popular Christian song “Above All”? Many people believe it was written by Michael W. Smith or Paul Baloche, but the truth behind its creation is quite shocking.

After conducting extensive research and interviews with those involved in the making of the song, it has been revealed that “Above All” was actually written by Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche in 1999. The two musicians worked together to create this powerful worship anthem that has touched countless lives around the world.

“Writing ‘Above All’ was a unique collaboration for me, ” said co-writer Paul Baloche. “Lenny LeBlanc latched on to an emotional theme and melody I had stumbled upon during my daily devotions. “

The success of “Above All” led to numerous covers and renditions by different artists, including Michael W. Smith’s version which won a Dove Award for Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year in 2002. Despite being overshadowed by other well-known Christian artists, Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche have left an indelible mark on contemporary Christian music through their writing and collaborations.

Now that you know the shocking truth about who wrote “Above All”, listen to the song again with a renewed appreciation for its origins and impact on modern worship music!

The Origin of Above All Christian Song

“Above All” is a popular contemporary Christian song. It was released in 1999, and since then it has become one of the most sung worship songs around the world. “

Randy Phillips and Lenny LeBlanc are credited with writing this timeless classic, “Above All. ” It became more prominent when Michael W. Smith released his cover version on his album Worship from 2001.

In an interview, Randy Phillips shared that he wrote “Above All” during a time of personal prayer and reflection. He revealed that while writing the lyrics in about ten minutes, he felt God’s presence strongly within him:

“I was just trying to capture how big I thought God was despite my situation at that moment or any other person’s out there like David standing against Goliath facing something too tough for them… God is above all. And no matter what you’re going through, whatever your battle is—you can’t see past it—He sees where you’re at… But God is outside of all things looking down as if they don’t exist because HE’S ABOVE ALL. “[1]

Lenny LeBlanc also added that “Above All” reminds people of one simple message – faith. Faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for everyone’s sins so that we might have eternal life.

Overall, this powerful chorus has touched many hearts over the years and continues to be a staple in modern Christian music today[2].

The History of the Song’s Creation

“Above All” is a popular Christian song that expresses the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The song was written by Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche in 1999. However, it gained widespread recognition after being included in Michael W. Smith’s album “Worship” released later in 2001.

The idea for the song came to them when they were struggling with creating worship songs that stood out from others at that time. They decided to focus on expressing gratitude and humility towards God who gave up everything, even His own son for humankind’s redemption.

Lenny credited divine inspiration while completing the lyrics of this powerful ballad. He expressed his incredible journey writing “Above All, ” where prayer and reading scripture played significant roles in shaping its final outcome.

“It’s really just honoring Him because although we might not understand what’s going on all around us, if we can trust that He has an eternal plan, … then somehow that brings peace, ” said Lenny about Above All.

The song’s uplifting message resonated deeply within Christians worldwide as it became widely recognized across parishes becoming one of the most performed songs during liturgical services worldwide. Its success motivated both writers to continue creating awe-inspiring works dedicated to glorifying God.

In conclusion, “Who wrote Above All Christian Song?” Although composed by two christian music icons Lenny Leblanc and Paul baloche, In actuality above all stands tall due it inspirational history preceding its creation through sheer determination to create something relevant which ultimately inspired millions globally may have heaven honour their efforts over our world today?

The Author of Above All Christian Song

Above All is a classic contemporary Christian song that has been sung in churches all over the world. It’s a beautiful reminder of God’s love and grace towards us, despite our flaws and shortcomings.

So who wrote this timeless worship song?

The author of Above All is Lenny LeBlanc, an American singer-songwriter who has written many popular Christian songs throughout his career. He co-wrote Above All with Paul Baloche, another prominent songwriter and worship leader.

“The lyrics were inspired by my study of Philippians 2:9-11, ” says LeBlanc. “I wanted to write something that would lift up Jesus as higher than any other name. “

With its powerful lyrics and soaring melody, Above All has become one of the most beloved songs in modern worship music. The song was first released on Randy Travis’ album Rise and Shine in 2002 before being covered by Michael W. Smith on Worship Again the following year.

Since then, it has been recorded by countless artists – from Don Moen to Chris Tomlin – and continues to inspire people all around the world.

In conclusion, Lenny LeBlanc is credited as the primary writer of Above All alongside Paul Baloche. Their collaboration resulted in a timeless masterpiece that will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Who Wrote the Song and Why?

The emotional Christian song “Above All” was composed by Paul Baloche in 1999. The lyrics speak of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary, which is essential to the Christian faith as it underpins God’s eternal plan.

Paul Baloche wrote the music piece with uplifting melodies with a chord progression that rings beautifully in one’s ears making people feel closer to A higher power or their own personal beliefs. It has been sung many times at concerts, praise gatherings, church services worldwide for almost two decades already since its creation!

Baloche explained his intentions for composing this ‘above all’ song in an interview with WorshipMusic.com. He said he wanted “to write something direct…[with] clear claims about who Jesus is. ” This helps Christians strengthen their bond with their savior while singing components like: “You took your love away for me above all. “, “Crucified, laid behind a stone You lived to die rejected and alone Like a rose trampled on the ground… ”

“When you lead worship long enough, ” Baloche added “you get tired of happy-clappy songs. He believes songs such as “Above All” help convey gratitude toward God more meaningfully”.

In conclusion Above all helped Churches bring people near god, connect them spiritually elevate emotions and praise events enjoyably remain relevant till today years after its release due to profound effects.

The Songwriter’s Inspiration and Motivation

Who wrote Above All, the timeless Christian song that continues to inspire believers around the world? It was none other than Lenny LeBlanc – a songwriter, musician, and worship leader. The story behind this amazing song is as inspiring as its lyrics.

Lenny LeBlanc was inspired to write Above All after witnessing a crucifixion reenactment during one of his mission trips to Mexico. He recounts feeling overwhelmed with emotion as he watched the scene unfold before his eyes. That experience led him to reflect on Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for all humanity.

“I began to think about my own life… What would it take for me, or anyone else, to die that kind of death just so others could be saved?” – Lenny LeBlanc

Inspired by his thoughts and emotions, LeBlanc picked up his guitar and started writing the lyrics for Above All. His friend Paul Baloche later helped him finish the composition with music that perfectly matched the words.

The message of Above All has been able to touch many hearts around the world because it speaks of God’s love for humankind in sacrificial terms. The fact that Jesus died above all things makes us ponder what real love should look like; we don’t have anything greater than our lives that can demonstrate such perfect affection toward someone else besides giving them everything at our disposal unconditionally.

Above All is an example not only of how inspiration can come from different events in our lives but also how important motivation is when creating something beautiful out of those experiences.

The Song’s Impact on the Author’s Career

“Above All” is a popular Christian song that has impacted many people around the world. The song was written by Paul Baloche, a French-American worship leader and songwriter who started his career leading worship at a small church in Texas.

When “Above All” was released in 1999, it became an instant hit and won numerous awards, including Song of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards. This success launched Baloche’s career as a prominent figure in contemporary Christian music.

“The success of ‘Above All’ helped me to reach more people with my music and message, ” says Baloche. “It opened doors for me to collaborate with other artists and lead worship at conferences and events. “

Baloche went on to write many more popular songs such as “Open the Eyes of My Heart” and “Hosanna”. He also served as a worship pastor at Community Christian Fellowship in Lindale, Texas, where he mentored other aspiring worship leaders.

“Writing ‘Above All’ was truly a divine moment for me, ” recalls Baloche. “I felt like God was inspiring every word and melody. It’s humbling to know that this simple song has touched so many lives. “

Overall, “Above All” had a significant impact not only on Baloche’s career but also on countless individuals who have been blessed by its message over the years.

The Message of Above All Christian Song

Have you ever heard the Christian song titled “Above All?” It’s a powerful piece that touches the hearts of many believers. The message behind this song focuses on the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ in atoning for sins and reconciling humankind to God.

The lyrics of the song contain phrases such as “Crucified, laid behind a stone” and “Though conquerors have come and gone, ” which emphasize the death and resurrection of Jesus – the central event in Christianity. The chorus proclaims that above all powers, above all thrones, above everything else is Jesus who loves us enough to die for us.

“Like a rose trampled on the ground, He took the fall and thought of me, Above all. “

This quote from the song speaks about how Jesus endured great suffering out of love for humanity. He literally was trampled like a flower crushed underfoot but did not retaliate. Instead, he chose to pay for our mistakes and offer forgiveness despite our unworthiness.

Who wrote this beautiful composition? Paul Baloche penned it in 1999 with Lenny LeBlanc composing its music. The duo released it first before Michael W Smith included Above All on his album Worship Again (2003). Since then, it has remained an enduring favorite among worshippers worldwide because of its inspiring lyrics and melody intertwined throughout by faith-based stories we hold dear till now.

The Song’s Theological and Spiritual Themes

“Above All” is a popular Christian song that celebrates the power, sacrifice, and love of Jesus Christ. It was written by Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc in 1999.

This moving worship ballad speaks about how Jesus gave up everything to die for us on the cross. He endured immense suffering because of His great love for humankind, proving just how much we mean to Him. As Christians, our ultimate goal should be to give all glory and praise to God above all else.

Furthermore, the lyrics present theological themes such as redemption and victory over sin through Christ alone. We can find freedom from our sins only by accepting Jesus’ sacrifice for us at Calvary.

“You took the fall And thought of me Above all”

In these words, we see how Jesus readjusts humanity’s perspective on importance- placing others ahead of ourselves- symbolized when he decides to take what others consider lowly status – being born as a human instead of continue living his beautiful heavenly life – even though it will result in unimaginable pain just so Man could have eternal joy with him (Philippians 2:5–8).

Overall, “Above All” highlights several crucial spiritual lessons that every believer should remember always. Through this beautiful melody, Christians are reminded constantly that only in Christ Alone may they experience forgiveness from sin, salvation from death & damnation.

The Popularity of Above All Christian Song

Above All is one of the most popular Christian songs that has touched and moved many hearts throughout its existence. It resonates with people on different levels because of its heartfelt lyrics and touching melody.

The song was first released in 1999 by Michael W. Smith, a renowned Christian artist known for his hit songs such as “Friends, ” “Place in This World, ” and “Breathe. ” The lyrics were written by Paul Baloche, an American worship leader, songwriter, and musician whose music ministry spans over three decades.

It’s not surprising why this song became so popular upon its release since both Michael W. Smith and Paul Baloche are highly respected figures in the Christian music scene. However, it was the simple yet meaningful message behind the song that captured the hearts of millions around the globe.

“Above all powers Above all kings Above all nature And all created things Above all wisdom And all the ways of man You were here before The world began”

The powerful words remind us that Jesus Christ is above everything else – power, wealth, knowledge or anything created – hence worthy to be worshipped. People love how these lyrics show their deep faith towards God who they believe remains present despite life’s challenges.

With captivating harmonies coupled with bright lighting visuals during performances at various gospel concerts worldwide up until today makes Above All equally uplifting indeed timeless spirit-lifting track. A beautiful composition from two gifted artists united under a shared belief to shout Christianity out loud through their soulful melodies making them fantastic leaders in spreading testimonies via their craft positively affecting other believers’ lives. a

The Song’s Chart-Topping Success and Awards

“Above All” is a Christian song that has been widely popular since its release in 1999. The song was written by Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche, two well-known musicians who are recognized for their contributions to the contemporary worship music genre.

After its initial release, “Above All” quickly rose to the top of the Christian charts around the world. It became a staple at churches and Christian conferences, where it was often used as a closing or response song during times of prayer and reflection.

Over time, “Above All” also gained mainstream recognition. In 2001, Michael W. Smith released a cover version of the song on his album Worship Again. This rendition reached number one on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart and earned an award for Best Contemporary Recorded Song at that year’s Dove Awards ceremony.

“Above all powers, Above all kings, Above all nature And all created things; Above all wisdom, And all the ways of man: You were here before The world began. “

The success of “Above All” continues to this day, with countless recordings and performances still being produced worldwide. Its simple yet powerful message reminds listeners of God’s eternal love and power, making it a timeless classic in Christian music history.

The Song’s Impact on the Christian Music Industry

“Above All” is arguably one of the most popular contemporary Christian songs of all time. It was written by Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc in the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until Michael W. Smith recorded and released his rendition that the song gained widespread popularity.

Since its release in 2001, “Above All” has become a staple in many churches’ worship sets. Its powerful lyrics about Jesus’ sacrificial love have resonated with believers all over the world. The song’s success also paved the way for more contemporary praise and worship music to be played on Christian radio stations.

In addition to its impact on the church community, “Above All” has also influenced numerous other artists within the Christian music industry. Many gospel singers and bands have covered or re-recorded this iconic track, which speaks volumes to its enduring legacy.

“I’m constantly amazed at how ‘Above All’ continues to touch people’s hearts, ” says songwriter Paul Baloche. “It just goes to show that when you pour your heart into something, God can use it for His glory. ”

Indeed, “Above All” serves as a reminder that faith-inspired music has limitless potential to reach people from all walks of life. Through its profound message and inspiring melody, this beloved tune has had an immeasurable impact on both Christian music and culture as a whole.

The Covers of Above All Christian Song

Above All is a popular worship song in the Christian community. Written by Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc, this song has been covered by numerous artists over the years.

Michael W. Smith’s version is one of the most well-known covers, as it reached #1 on the Billboard Christian Songs chart in 2003. His rendition features a powerful orchestra arrangement that complements his soulful vocals.

Hillsong United also recorded their own take on Above All, complete with upbeat guitar riffs and harmonies that showcase their signature sound. The lyrics remain true to the original composition while adding an energetic twist.

“Crucified laid behind the stone You lived to die rejected and alone Like a rose trampled on the ground You took the fall and thought of me above all”

Kari Jobe’s acoustic cover brings a more stripped-down approach to Above All, highlighting her pure vocals and skillful guitar playing. She offers a passionate interpretation that resonates with listeners looking for simplicity in the midst of chaos.

Last but not least, Randy Travis brought a country spin to Above All, showcasing his smooth baritone voice against steel guitars and fiddles. It’s clear why this genre-crossing performance quickly became a fan favorite among those who appreciate traditional music styles mixed with contemporary themes.

In conclusion, while Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc wrote Above All back in 1999, these dynamic covers from various talented artists have helped make this timeless track relevant even today!

The Different Versions of the Song by Various Artists

Many Christian songs have become very popular, and “Above All” is no exception. It’s a song that has been embraced by many artists over the years, including Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, Avalon, Phillips Craig & Dean, Paul Baloche, Randy Travis and many more.

“Above All” was written by Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche in 1999. The song feature lyrics about the greatness of God’s love and how it surpasses everything else we can imagine.

Michael W. Smith recorded a version of the song in his album “Worship” that became extremely successful in both Christian and secular markets. This version added extra arrangements musically that helped to enrich overall sound quality for worship purposes.

Rebecca St. James also featured this melody into her music during early 2000s which beautifully resonated with the message portrayed through the penmanship of its lyricist.

It’s not just the original tune but different renditions narrate Christianity’s acknowledgment towards Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf paving way to eternal peace.

This speaks volumes about why “Above All”, despite being released more than two decades ago still remains a beloved gem among Christians worldwide – as it declares His Love Above all others!

The Legacy of Above All Christian Song

Above All is a popular Christian song that has been sung and appreciated by millions of people around the globe. This awe-inspiring composition was released in 1999 as part of an album titled “Worship”. Since then, it has become one of the most beloved songs in the modern evangelical church.

What makes Above All captivating is its simplicity. The lyrics contain only four stanzas; yet they vividly describe Jesus’ sacrificial love for humanity, making it accessible to everyone who wants to deepen their faith. Additionally, the melody is pure and easy to follow with instrumentation that awakens our soul. These qualities make this tune ideal for moments when we want to connect with God personally or corporately through music worship.

Rather than being fixated on personal desires or reflection, this song redirects our concentration back to Christ. It highlights His deity and serves as a reminder that no other person can compare or be above Him.

“Above all powers, above all kings, Above all nature and all created things. Above all wisdom and the ways of man; You were here before the world began. “

Despite having enjoyed worldwide acclaim over two decades now, few know about who wrote “Above All. ” Paul Baloche composed this song’s beautiful message after he had listened to another ethereal hymn called “Take My Life” by Frances Ridley Havergal, which helped him realise how desperately he needed Jesus to guide his life focused purely on worshipping Him.

With timelessly thought-provoking lyrics and vocals from many amazing artists such as Rebecca St James combined creates a legacy that will live far beyond generations since its first release date.

The Song’s Enduring Influence on Worship Music

“Above All” is a powerful Christian song that speaks of God’s love and sacrifice. It was written by Paul Baloche, the worship pastor at Community Christian Fellowship in Lindale, Texas.

Since its release in 1999, “Above All” has become one of the most popular songs played during church services across the world. Its message of devotion and redemption resonates with many Christians who seek to deepen their faith journey through music.

Besides being widely sung in churches, “Above All” has also influenced other musicians and composers in creating new worship songs. The hymn-like tune and heartfelt lyrics have inspired countless artists to write similar anthems of praise and thanksgiving.

“Above all powers Above all kings Above all nature and all created things Above all wisdom and all the ways of man You were here before the world began”

This verse is an example of how “Above All” emphasizes God’s supremacy over everything else. The imagery used here — “powers, ” “kings, ” “nature, ” etc. — paint a picture of ultimate authority that only God possesses.

In conclusion, Paul Baloche’s “Above All” continues to be a staple in contemporary Christian music due to its uplifting message of hope and trust in God. Its influence extends beyond just being a beloved worship song; it has helped shape the genre for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the artists and performers associated with the Above All Christian Song?

The Above All Christian Song has been performed by many artists and worship teams over the years, including Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, and Hillsong United. Paul Baloche, the co-writer of the song, has also recorded his own version, as have Lenny LeBlanc and Randy Travis. The song has become a staple in contemporary Christian worship music and is often sung in churches around the world.

Was the Above All Christian Song written by a particular Christian artist or a group of artists?

The Above All Christian Song was written by Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc, both of whom are well-known Christian musicians and songwriters. Baloche is a worship leader and has written many popular worship songs, while LeBlanc is a singer-songwriter who has also had success in the secular music industry. Together, they created a timeless anthem that has touched the hearts of millions of Christians around the world.

What is the significance of the Above All Christian Song in contemporary Christian music history?

The Above All Christian Song is considered a modern classic in Christian music. Its powerful message of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross has resonated with listeners for over two decades, and it continues to be a staple in worship music around the world. The song has won numerous awards and has been covered by many artists, cementing its place in contemporary Christian music history.

How has the Above All Christian Song impacted the lives of Christians worldwide?

The Above All Christian Song has had a profound impact on the lives of Christians around the world. Its message of the amazing love of Jesus and the sacrifice that He made on the cross has inspired many to deepen their faith and draw closer to God. The song has been used in countless worship services, funerals, and other events, providing comfort and hope to those who hear it. It has become a beloved classic that continues to touch hearts and souls around the world.

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