Who Wrote Goodness Of God? Discover the Surprising Answer Here!

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The song “Goodness of God” has captured the hearts of many worshipers since it was first released. But have you ever wondered who is behind this beautiful piece? As it turns out, the answer may surprise you.

Despite the widespread popularity of the song, not many people know much about its writer. Just like with any other creative work, it’s easy to enjoy the final product without giving much thought to the person behind it. But in this case, learning about the author can add a whole new layer of appreciation to the lyrics and melody.

In this post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the mastermind behind “Goodness of God.” We’ll explore their background, music career, inspirations for the song, and more. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the story behind the song, this article will definitely pique your interest.

“The heartbeat behind our songs is really to empower individuals around the world to raise up their voice, be equipped in their gifting, and be catalytic in their communities,” – Bethel Music

So if you’re ready to discover the surprising answer to the question of who wrote “Goodness of God”, keep reading! You might just be inspired by the journey of the songwriter.

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The Origins of the Worship Song “Goodness of God”

“Goodness of God” is a worship song that has struck a chord with Christians worldwide, thanks to its powerful lyrics and emotive melody. The song was written by Jenn Johnson, Ed Cash, Jason Ingram, Ben Fielding, and Brian Johnson in 2018 as part of Bethel Music’s Victory album.

The song quickly became popular among church congregations globally, due also in part to renditions covered by Christian musicians such as Chris Tomlin, Bethany Wohrle, and Travis Cottrell.

The Songwriting Process of “Goodness of God”

The collaborative nature of “Goodness of God”‘s creation has also been an important factor behind its success. As revealed by Church Leaders, the genesis of the song began when Jenn Johnson pitched the phrase “goodness of God” to her co-writers during a writing camp hosted by Bethel Music.

Ingram, Fielding, and Cash were inspired by the phrase and started working on creating a musical structure for it while Jenn and Brian Johnson added their vocals to the mix. Together, they composed the song’s uplifting chorus: “All my life You have been faithful/ All my life You have been so, so good.”

Jenn sought inspiration from her personal experiences when penning the verses of the song, specifically referencing how she felt God had helped her through tough moments. She shared this in an interview with New Release Today:

“The second verse is about walking through some really challenging things and then learning to see His goodness regardless of circumstances,” said Jenn. “So I just went back to those times where God did something and reminded myself of who He is in those situations.”

The Biblical Inspiration Behind “Goodness of God”

The song’s lyrics are rooted in scripture and draw heavily from the Book of Psalms. As noted by Worship Online, the chorus of “All my life You have been faithful/ All my life You have been so, so good,” echoes Psalm 23:6 which reads, “Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

The verses also reference other passages of the Bible, including Romans 8:28 (“You’ve never failed me yet”) and James 1:17 (“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above”). Through these biblical references, “Goodness of God” serves as a reminder that even in times of the darkest despair, there is always hope in Christ.

With its rich lyrics inspired by personal experiences and the Word of God, the worship anthem “Goodness of God” stands out as both an expression of faith and a celebration of God’s grace. Its success among Christians can be attributed to the collaborative spirit behind its composition and the universal appeal of its message.

Meet Jenn Johnson: The Woman Behind “Goodness of God”

Jenn Johnson, born on December 15, 1981, is a songwriter and worship leader at Bethel Church in Redding, California. She co-wrote the song “Goodness of God” with Ed Cash, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram, and Brian Johnson.

Hailing from Northern California, Jenn grew up in a Christian family. She learned to play the piano at a young age and started writing songs when she was twelve years old. Music has been her passion ever since.

Jenn Johnson’s Musical Journey

Jenn joined Bethel Church as a worship pastor in 2006. Her husband Brian Johnson is also a worship leader and they often lead worship together at the church’s services.

Jenn has written numerous songs for Bethel Music, including “God I Look To You”, “Forever”, “In Over My Head”, and “You’re Gonna Be Okay”. Her songs are known for their powerful lyrics that strengthen people’s faith and bring them closer to God.

In addition to being an accomplished songwriter, Jenn is also a gifted singer. Her vocals have been featured on many songs by Bethel Music, such as “No Longer Slaves” and “We Will Not Be Shaken”.

The Personal Testimony Behind “Goodness of God”

“Goodness of God” was inspired by Jenn’s personal experiences. In an interview with CCM Magazine, she shared:

“We were walking through a really difficult season with some family members, and everything looked so impossible… one day we heard this whisper – it wasn’t audible but it was that inner voice of the Holy Spirit resounding inside us. It just kept repeating, ‘the goodness of God.’”

Jenn’s personal testimony is reflected in the lyrics of “Goodness of God”. The song talks about how God’s goodness never fails, and how His love always takes care of us. It has become an anthem of hope for many people who are going through difficult times.

Impact of “Goodness of God” on Johnson’s Ministry

“Goodness of God” has had a profound impact on Jenn’s ministry. In an interview with Fox News, she said:

“That message of the goodness of God continues to permeate my life and encourage me whenever I sing that song… It’s been amazing to see how God has used it to touch so many lives.”

The song has become one of Bethel Music’s most popular songs and has been covered by numerous artists around the world. Its message of God’s faithfulness and love has touched the hearts of millions of people globally.

  • Jenn’s personal experiences inspired the song, which talks about God’s unfailing goodness and love.
  • The song has become an anthem of hope for many people and has had a significant impact on Jenn’s ministry as well as the global Christian community.

How “Goodness of God” Became a Worldwide Hit in Worship Music

The Role of Bethel Music in “Goodness of God’s” Success

“Goodness of God” is a worship song written by Jenn Johnson, Ed Cash, Jason Ingram, Ben Fielding, and Brian Johnson. The song has gained popularity for its uplifting melody and lyrics that express gratitude towards God for his loving kindness. But what made this song stand out from the rest of contemporary Christian music? One reason for “Goodness of God’s” success is the involvement of Bethel Music.

Bethel Music is an American worship ministry, and record label based in Redding, California that was founded in 2001. They have released several albums featuring different artists who share their passion for worship. In January 2019, Bethel Music released “Victory,” which included “Goodness of God.” This album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart, making it the first album by Bethel Music to reach this spot.

In addition to producing great music that inspires millions of Christians worldwide, Bethel Music has a large social media presence with over 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone. Through their content sharing, they were able to introduce “Goodness of God” to their audience in a meaningful way.

The Viral Impact of “Goodness of God” on Social Media

Social media played a significant role in “Goodness of God” becoming a global hit in worship music. As mentioned earlier, Bethel Music’s huge following allowed them to share “Goodness of God” on their platforms and gain immense traction quickly. Since then, many other influencers in both secular and religious circles shared this song through various social media channels, leading to viral contagion.

In addition to having a viral impact on social media, “Goodness of God” has also appeared prominently in popular culture. In July 2020, American actress and singer Mandy Moore shared a video of herself singing the song during worship at her church. The video quickly went viral, leading to more people discovering “Goodness of God.”

“I think there’s something so universal about believing in something greater than yourself and acknowledging the goodness around us,” -Mandy Moore

This song’s message speaks directly to everyone who understands that their hope is built on nothing but Christ. Its popularity among millennials can be attributed to its timeless themes of God’s faithfulness, love, grace, and mercy.

Even though several artists have covered this song, including Bethel Music themselves, it would remain popular well into the future due to its straightforward yet profound lyrics’ depth.

“Goodness of God is not just another hit Christian music tune; it is a modern-day psalm straight from Scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit.” -Eli Batista

The success of “Goodness of God” is an example of how great music can spread if given enough support and exposure through different platforms. It proves that even amid all the setbacks faced by humanity, many believers still find comfort in worshiping together and continuing a lifetime of growth in our spiritual lives.

The Inspiring Story Behind the Lyrics of “Goodness of God”

“Goodness of God” is a widely popular Christian song that has captured the hearts and minds of people around the world. The lyrical masterpiece was written by Jenn Johnson, Ed Cash, Jason Ingram, Ben Fielding, and Brian Johnson. These talented musicians came together to create a song that would inspire hope, encourage faith, and remind people that God’s goodness endures forever.

“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.” -Nahum 1:7

Jenn Johnson, one of the writers of the song, shared her personal journey of writing “Goodness Of God” on Instagram. She revealed how she penned these priceless words during a time when she experienced difficulties with anxiety and fear about her baby’s future.

She wrote, “…It felt like everything precious was hanging in the balance… it was the season where I had to choose if I was going to give into my fears or run to God and trust him more than ever before.” It was during this time of reflection, where she remembered how faithful and loving God has been throughout her life. As emotions went wild inside her heart, she began to write Goodness of God.

From Personal Struggles to Declarations of Faith: The Journey of “Goodness of God”

Jenn Johnson poignantly brings out the theme of the goodness and faithfulness of God through her own life experiences while acknowledging the eternal supremacy of God’s mercy. One particular phrase that stands out in the lyrics is ‘All my life you have been faithful.’ This line shows the transition from looking at present hardship to seeing past events in her life where she can testify to God’s unchangeable nature. This song is an anthem of worship that reminds believers of all the things that God has done for them and how he will continue to defend, protect and guide them throughout their lives.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” -Proverbs 3:5-6

The journey of this song from Jenn Johnson’s personal struggle to a declaration of faith is a reflection of how difficult moments can be turned into incredible testimonies of grace through delightful melodies, elegant harmonies, and meaningful lyrics.

The Message of Hope and Encouragement in “Goodness of God”

“Goodness of God” powerfully encourages people to trust in God even when they are faced with immense challenges. The lyrics testify to the fact that even in our darkest moments, God’s goodness shines bright, giving us hope and strength. The message throughout the song reiterates that, despite what life throws at us, we will never lose sight of God’s loving presence.

“Goodness of God” invites people to reflect upon the love and kindness of God, no matter their circumstances. The constant reminder of his omniscience, omnipotence, and constant care is a beacon of hope in times of trial.

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way. The Lord be with you all.” -2 Thessalonians 3:16

The Cultural Relevance of “Goodness of God” in Today’s Society

Songs like “Goodness Of God” offer comfort, direction and guidance through music, which is why it continues to resonate so deeply within today’s society. The message of God’s goodness, love and faithfulness are always needed no matter the era or time.

People tend to find solace in music as they navigate through challenges and seek answers to life’s most meaningful questions. This song offers a unifying message that crosses cultures, races, gender and religions to remind us all that in every part of the world; there is hope, peace and joy available in God.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” -Hebrews 6:19

How “Goodness of God” Resonates with People of Different Ages and Backgrounds

“Goodness Of God” speaks to different people across ages, races, classes and backgrounds creating a shared experience amongst those who encounter it. It provides reassurance that wherever one may be on their journey, God’s goodness can meet them right where they stand.

The simplicity of the lyrics makes it easy for young children to understand and sing along. At the same time, the depth and richness of the meaning make it relevant to everyone, regardless of age or background.

“Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things He has done for you.” – 1 Samuel 12:24

“Goodness of God” is a powerful piece of Christian music that reminds believers around the world why they should put their trust in God no matter what happens in life. It serves as a beacon of hope during difficult times, encouraging people to turn towards God instead of turning away from Him, reminding them that His loving-kindness endures forever.

The Impact of “Goodness of God” on Contemporary Christian Music

Revitalizing Worship Music with “Goodness of God”

“Goodness of God” is a contemporary worship song that has taken the Christian music industry by storm. Written by Jenn Johnson, Jason Ingram, Ben Fielding, Ed Cash and Brian Johnson, this song perfectly captures the essence of gratitude towards God for His goodness to us. The song’s powerful lyrics remind Christians of God’s faithfulness even in our darkest moments.

The song opened new avenues for worship leaders to focus on God’s character instead of their own experiences or situations. It revitalized praise and worship by emphasizing the inherent goodness of God, which every believer would recognize as true regardless of circumstance.

The Influence of “Goodness of God” on Songwriting and Performance

The impact of “Goodness of God” can be seen in songwriting and performance style across different genres within the Christian music sphere. Many artists have been inspired by its success to write songs about God’s attributes.

Musicians such as Chris Tomlin, Hillsong Worship, and Bethel Music have performed covers and renditions of “Goodness of God,” lending it further influence in the global church community. They attest to how the song has grown beyond just a typical Sunday morning anthem but is a testament to the body of Christ’s unity and collaboration through art.

The Legacy of “Goodness of God” in the Christian Music Industry

The popularity of “Goodness of God” does not seem to be waning anytime soon. It has gained worldwide recognition among believers and non-believers alike. The song remains on top 10 charts two years after its release in various countries, including the United States and Australia.

Through its success, the “Goodness of God” has inspired people to create worship music that delves more deeply into praising and glorifying God’s character traits. The song provided a framework for standard exceptionalism in modern Christian music writing and performing.

How “Goodness of God” Paved the Way for Other Worship Songs

The impact of “Goodness of God” can be seen in other contemporary Christian songs that have been released since then. Many writers now focus on crafting songs that celebrate different attributes of God, inspiring worshippers globally to do the same.

“Washing Over Me” by Riley Clemmons and Tauren Wells song “When We Pray” follow the same chord structure and melodic pattern as “Goodness of God.” Hence, the mark left behind by this song extended beyond its popularity status but paved the way for others to accentuate divine nature through their lyrics too.

What Does “Goodness of God” Mean to Listeners? Hear Their Testimonies

The song “Goodness of God” has become a popular anthem for Christians around the world. It was originally written by Jenn Johnson, Jason Ingram, Ben Fielding, Ed Cash, and Brian Johnson, and first released by Bethel Music in 2018. The powerful lyrics have resonated with many people who have found comfort, healing, and hope in the goodness of God.

From Despair to Hope: The Healing Power of “Goodness of God”

“Goodness of God” has helped many people overcome feelings of despair and sadness. One listener shared their testimony on social media:

“Last year, I lost my grandmother and mother within two months of each other. I didn’t think I could go on living without them. But one day, I heard ‘Goodness of God’ and it changed everything for me. It reminded me that even in the midst of my pain and grief, God is always good. Now, whenever I feel sad or lonely, I sing this song and remember that God’s love never fails.”
“I went through a difficult time in my life when I felt like giving up. But then I heard the lyrics ‘All my life you have been faithful’ and realized that God had never abandoned me. He was with me all along, even when I couldn’t see him. That gave me the strength to keep going, knowing that God’s goodness would lead me out of darkness.”

The Personal Connections People Have with “Goodness of God”

Sometimes, listeners find personal meaning in the lyrics of “Goodness of God.” One person shared how the song helped them connect with God on a deeper level:

“I always struggled to understand the concept of God’s goodness. I thought that if bad things happened in my life, then God must not be good. But when I heard ‘Goodness of God’, it changed everything for me. The lyrics helped me see that even though life can be hard, God is still good. Now, whenever I struggle with doubt or fear, this song reminds me of God’s love.”

Another listener wrote about finding hope in the midst of adversity:

“I’ve been dealing with chronic illness for years, and sometimes it feels like there’s no end in sight. But then I heard ‘Goodness of God’ and was reminded that God is always faithful. Even when things seem hopeless, he is still working behind the scenes to bring healing and restoration.”

How “Goodness of God” Brings Joy and Peace to Listeners’ Lives

In addition to providing comfort and healing, “Goodness of God” has brought joy and peace to many people’s lives. One listener shared their experience:

“Whenever I sing ‘Goodness of God’, I feel so happy and free. It’s like all the worries and stresses of life just disappear, and I’m left with a sense of peace and contentment. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just know that God’s goodness is real, and this song helps me tap into it.”

Another person wrote about feeling a sense of gratitude while listening to “Goodness of God”:

“This song makes me realize how blessed I am to have a loving God who cares about me. When I hear the line ‘Your kindness leads me to repentance,’ I feel so humbled and grateful. It’s amazing to think that even when I mess up, God still loves me and wants the best for me.”

“Goodness of God” has touched countless lives and given hope to many people who needed it most. Whether you’re struggling with grief, doubt, fear, or illness, this song reminds us that God’s goodness is always present, no matter what we may face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the author of Goodness Of God?

The author of Goodness Of God is John Bevere, a renowned speaker and author who has written several bestselling books on Christian living and spirituality.

When was Goodness Of God written?

Goodness Of God was written in 2019, making it one of John Bevere’s most recent works.

What inspired the writing of Goodness Of God?

John Bevere was inspired to write Goodness Of God after experiencing a personal revelation of God’s goodness in his own life, and he wanted to share this message with others.

What is the central theme of Goodness Of God?

The central theme of Goodness Of God is the goodness of God and how it can transform our lives when we understand and embrace it.

Are there any other works by the same author as Goodness Of God?

Yes, John Bevere has written several other books on Christian living and spirituality, including The Bait of Satan, Relentless, and Under Cover, among others.

What impact has Goodness Of God had on readers and society?

Goodness Of God has had a profound impact on readers and society, inspiring many to embrace the goodness of God and live transformed lives. It has also helped to bring a renewed focus on the love and grace of God in Christian circles.

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